Ways to Help Table to Table this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time when many think about ‘giving back’.  More and more people donate money or volunteer at soup kitchens and food pantries. There are so many ways to contribute and when we learn that “1 in 5 children lives in poverty in New Jersey”, it’s hard to enjoy our own plentiful dinner while knowing that our neighbors are going without any dinner at all.  

At Table to Table in NJ, we count on volunteers and donations all year round, but holiday time presents a need for more food donations and increased funding for its delivery. The agencies that we partner with work extremely hard throughout the holiday season to ensure that no one goes without a meal and a warm place to stay. So we must pack our delivery trucks with nutritious food and hit the streets to fill their refrigerators.  Snow, rain or shine!

Want to help us this season?  Here are a few ways:

Volunteer by Holding a Fresh Food Drive

We have received more calls for food than ever this year and with a little creativity, you can help us meet the need. The single most effective way to help outside of donating money is to hold a fresh food drive.  You can do this at your office, school or even your place of worship.  It’s rewarding to do and can be very successful at this time of year!  Want to talk about it?  Drop Emily a note at and she’ll help guide you through the next steps.


The holidays are a perfect time to make a gift in someone’s name. Table to Table is one of the most cost efficient non-profit organizations in NJ, and we put every donated dime to good use. This year, you can help feed a family through our donation program. For every dollar you donate we will deliver enough nutritious food for 10 meals!  We are also offering holiday cards this year.  By selecting a Table to Table holiday design you can send warm wishes while helping feed our hungry neighbors at the same time!

Become a Food Donor or Sponsor

If you own a grocery store, restaurant or food establishment and want to help a local organization in your area, we are always in need of donating partners.   Anthony at can answer any questions you have about food donations.

And, of course, we treasure the wonderful relationships we have established with the corporate partners who help fund our organization. From workplace giving to event sponsorships, there are so many ways to get involved. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please reach out Edith Fiato at
To learn about all the ways you can help this holiday season, please visit our home page and go to “Join the Fight”. Then do just that – join us and help the families in our community who need it most!  Together we will serve our hungry neighbors dinner and dignity every night!


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