Feeding our Neighbors one step at-a-time

Delivering Food to Those Who Need It Most

Every day for more than two decades Table to Table, New Jersey’s first food rescue organization, has picked up fresh, high quality and wholesome food that otherwise would be discarded and delivers it safely to agency partners, including soup kitchens, homeless shelters and senior facilities that serve nutritious meals to the hungry. We focus on efficiency and effectiveness, enabling us to feed the greatest number of people with the freshest, most nutritious food.

Through our powerful collaboration with our agency partners, financial sponsors, food donors and volunteers, Table to Table has significantly moved the needle to feed hungry neighbors throughout Northern New Jersey.

2023 Impact Report


Join Us in Our Fight Against Hunger

Forty percent of the United States’ food goes uneaten—that’s more than 220 pounds per person! By rescuing the excess food, we can provide countless meals for hungry children and families while preserving our environment. After all, the uneaten food ends up rotting in landfills, accounting for 16% of U.S. methane emissions.

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Food Rescue = Win/Win

How We Do It

Efficiency is Our Guiding Principle

Table to Table is one of the most cost-effective hunger relief programs in the state of New Jersey and one of the most efficient not-for-profits in the country.

More specifically, we operate a fleet of refrigerated vehicles for the daily pick-up and delivery of fresh food, eliminating the need for storage or warehouses. Our trucks start and end each day empty. And, as a result of our efficiency and transparency, we’ve received the 4-Star rating by Charity Navigator for the 13th consecutive year and earned a Guidestar Exchange Platinum Level Designation.

Accepts No Government Funding

Table to Table relies 100% on our own efforts to raise the funds needed for our operation. Thanks to the generous continued support of exceptional corporate partners, including American Express, American Airlines, Bank of America, Inserra Supermarkets, and many generous individuals.

Efficient Fundraising and Management

At Table to Table, at least 98 cents of every dollar goes directly to the operation of our vehicles and the delivery of food. The key to our operation has always been an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness, enabling us to feed the greatest number of people with the freshest and most nutritious food. We maintain an internal cost to our organization of 10 cents per meal.

Delivering Food for Free

Unlike other hunger relief organizations, Table to Table does not charge any fee whatsoever to the agencies receiving our deliveries, their recipients, or the food donors themselves.