Partner Spotlight: PERC

At Table to Table we have been fortunate enough to partner with organizations that work persistently to ensure that the food received from our food rescue program provides access to a nutritional meal for each of their clients. One of those exceptional organizations is PERC.

The Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation, or “PERC”, located in Hudson County N.J., has been serving the community for 32 years. Throughout those three decades, the New Jersey non-profit has provided a shelter, a soup kitchen, a food pantry and even permanent housing to those in need.

The staff and volunteers at PERC work tirelessly to meet the annual increase in participants and demand for additional services. Supplemented with Table to Table deliveries of nearly 103,000 pounds of fresh, nutritious food, in 2013 alone, PERC provided more than 20,000 nights of shelter for individuals and families, the soup kitchen served close to 96,000 meals and the food pantry provided over 13,000 boxes of groceries to low-income families suffering from hunger and food insecurity.

PERC also works to educate the community much like we do at Table to Table. Their team has helped to debunk the stereotypes of poverty showing that there is no one group of people and no single circumstance at its root. Those who suffer are our neighbors, families and senior citizens from every area and every situation.

One of the inspirational stories that can be found on the PERC website is the life changing story of Mario. As a young man, Mario had to leave home because his mother was unable to afford food for the family.  After a period of time living on the streets, he ended up at PERC. With the food and shelter that the organization was able to provide, Mario was provided the stability he needed to work towards a better future.  Mario is now finishing college.

PERC provides assistance and hope to those in need and over the years has had an enormous impact on the community in Union City.  It has been a privilege for Table to Table to partner with the agency by providing the reliable food source that helps them do the extraordinary work they are known for.

For more information on PERC, visit   For more information on Table to Table and our food rescue program, visit


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