November Partner Spotlight - Table to Table

November Partner Spotlight

Posted by Emily Force on November 10, 2014 9:41 pm

St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation

St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation in Paterson, New Jersey is a model organization that has been working in and around the Paterson community since 1966. We at Table to Table NJ are proud to have supported their good work throughout most of our 15 year history with the delivery of fresh food.

For five decades St. Paul’s mission has been to serve as an agent of hope, partnering with others to provide needs driven services that improve the quality of life and encourage greater self-sufficiency.

Utilizing a full-time staff of 21 people and hundreds of volunteers who are committed to making a positive impact on their community, St. Paul’s has flourished over the years.  They work tirelessly to coordinate local resources and non-profit organizations in NJ, like Table to Table, to accomplish their very challenging and much needed work.

The team at St. Paul’s delivers comprehensive, social services meant to provide the support and guidance needed to prevent homelessness and ultimately transition families and individuals into permanent residences. St. Paul’s offers the resources of managers, mentors, teachers, health care providers, social workers and counselors on every level throughout a client’s transition.

Currently, St. Paul’s works with more than 7,000 individuals and families each year. As a result of education programs, workforce training, and affordable housing, positive changes have been made in the daily lives of these program participants.

As one of our receiving partners, nutritious food is delivered to St. Paul’s at no cost.   This enables them to reallocate their precious dollars and put them toward these transformative programs that foster longer-term benefits.

For more information on the program at St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation, visit the SPCDC website.  For more information on our food rescue program, take a look at “How We Do It”.

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