Why I Volunteer

Recently, I volunteered to do food rescues for Table to Table using their I-rescue app. It was easy. I just downloaded the app, claimed, and picked up a rescue and then, I delivered to a local organization that helps feed the community.

Although I have only been doing this for a short period of time, the effect it has on me has been huge! My first rescue was from the Paramus Farmer’s Market. The gentleman that was donating was obviously dedicated to feeding people. His concern that no food goes to waste really touched me.
As my husband and I filled my truck to the roof with fresh produce, he told us about past weekends in which he had to toss out produce and how terrible he felt. That inspired me! From that day forward, I have been encouraged by the people I have met on my rescues, including the grocer happily donating food to the volunteers that accept the donations. It also cemented in my mind how fortunate I am to be able to help in some small way.

The fact that the food being picked up is healthy nutritious food is a big bonus! Previously, my kids and I have helped at a food pantry and that was my son’s biggest complaint. Why are we not giving people healthy food? The fact that I was able to fill my truck with fresh produce was exciting! I hope that the farmer’s market pick-ups continue.

What I especially like about the Table to Table app is that it is flexible. Some weeks I have more time and other weeks I have less. One day I was sitting home contemplating my day, when I got a Table to Table notification alerting me that there was a food rescue available to be claimed. A pickup was needed in the afternoon, and I was able to run out and complete it. Easy…flexible and so gratifying!

By Eileen F, East Rutherford, NJ


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