Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You, Your Community & Planet Earth

As we usher in 2022, it’s never too late to adopt a resolution or two. And, it’s especially meaningful when a resolution has more than one benefit. For instance, at the heart of our mission, Table to Table not only delivers wholesome, free food to hundreds of diverse partner agencies who feed our hungry NJ neighbors, but also, we rescue fresh food that would otherwise be wasted and sent to landfills where it can form greenhouse gases. Essentially, Table to Table delivers a triple play, feeding people, saving food and helping the environment. With that in mind, the team at Table to Table, New Jersey’s first food rescue organization, curated the list below of these Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions.

Resolution #1: Become a recurring supporter

By becoming a supporter of Table to Table, you’ll help us feed more hungry neighbors. For every $1 raised = 10 meals are delivered. So, consider not buying that pricey latte a couple days a week, and reallocate those funds to feed those in need. With that donation, you could be providing the equivalent of up to 500 meals per month! And, the level of gratification is far better than what you’ll ever receive from a coffee.  Become a Recurring Donor Today!

Resolution # 2 Volunteer a bit of your time

Table to Table is one of the most cost-effective organizations in the entire country because we rely on the generous time and services that we receive from our volunteers. If you have a special skill to offer, or you’re simply interested in lending a hand, please complete our brief volunteer form.

Additionally, you can deliver food directly to individuals in Bergen County struggling with access to food via our app, Table to Table I-Rescue. It matches smaller commercial food donors with our network of volunteers who pick up and deliver fresh, wholesome food to community-based agency partners, who identify local families in need. To learn more, email us today!

Resolution #3:  Reduce food waste

According to, roughly one third of the food produced that is intended for human consumption every year–around 1.3 billion tons and valued at USD$1 trillion–is wasted or lost. This is enough to feed 3 billion people! With that said, there are many ways to reduce food waste in your home. For starters, consider meal-planning a week in advance using a detailed grocery list. Be sure to stick to the list when shopping, and resist the urge to impulse-buy, especially at check out.  Also, steer clear of bulk-buying unless the items are non-perishables, and you definitely use them in the immediate future.

And, when it comes to your fridge, store items that are soon to expire or are more delicate toward the front. Don’t overstock shelves so that it’s hard to easily see the items. Also, pay attention to expiration dates and be sure to store leftovers in clear containers so that you can easily see the contents. These are just a few ideas, but they can certainly make an impact!

Resolution #4 Rethink Gift-Giving

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or some other type of gift-giving occasion, forego the sweater or the gift card and consider making a meaningful donation in honor of your family and friends. One size fits all, plus your impact will be exponential in nature. For instance, a donation of $100 will deliver food for 1,000 nutritious lunches. Now, that’s a gift!  Give a gift in honor of someone special today by clicking here.

Resolution #5: Be an ambassador

Whether it is through word-of-mouth or by using your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms, you can amplify the Table to Table mission, thereby increasing our awareness and support. Help spread the word by connecting to us, liking us, commenting and sharing!

From the team at Table to Table, we wish you a Happy & Healthy 2022!  For more information on Table to Table, visit us at


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