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Table to Table Has Record-Setting Year

Posted by Table To Table on January 16, 2013 8:47 pm

Despite challenges that included a sputtering economy, rising gas prices and even a devastating hurricane, Table to Table finished 2012 on a high note — exceeding its goal to deliver 8.5 million meals by well over a million meals. “By December 31, 2012, we had actually delivered enough food for more than ten million meals,” says Ilene Isaacs, Executive Director. In addition, Table to Table met and exceeded another of its most important goals — to deliver more than two million meals to Newark, as part of a new initiative that dramatically extends Table to Table’s geographic footprint. “We also increased the number of agencies that we serve in the city.”

Naturally, Table to Table kicked off 2013 by establishing an even higher goal: to deliver 11 million meals, with three million allocated to Newark.

“We are thrilled and encouraged by our success last year. All of this occurred despite a difficult fourth quarter, where Hurricane Sandy closed down many of our food donors and limited the amount of food available at others but our trucks were immediately out on the road, seeking new food sources and making deliveries to the recipients that rely on our being there,” she said.

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