healthy foods collage to promote heart health

Helpful + Tasty Ways to Stay Heart-Healthy

In addition to celebrating Valentine’s Day, there’s something else to love about the month of February! It’s also American Heart Month, a time when everyone is encouraged to focus on their cardiovascular health. So, what can you do to stay heart-healthy? Well, according to the Center for Disease Control, some key tips for preventing heart disease are to maintain a healthy weight, avoid smoking, and get regular physical exercise.

Another critical preventative measure is to choose healthy foods and drinks. Here are a few useful tips to remember as you choose your meals and snacks each day:

  • Eating lots of foods high in saturated fat and trans-fat may contribute to heart disease.
  • Eating foods high in fiber and low in saturated fats, trans fat, and cholesterol can help prevent high cholesterol.
  • Limiting salt in your diet can also lower your blood pressure.
  • Limiting sugar in your diet can lower your blood sugar level to prevent/control diabetes.
  • Do not drink too much alcohol, which can raise your blood pressure.

Our team at Table to Table loves heart-healthy foods! As New Jersey’s first food rescue, we pride ourselves on reducing food waste and delivering fresh, nutritious food to people who otherwise would not have access to it.

The connection between our work and heart health may not be immediately apparent, but it is a bond that holds great promise. Our organization is committed to reducing hunger while also promoting overall health and well-being. The nutrient-rich foods we rescue and deliver to the community can play a big role in improving heart health for at-risk individuals.

As we celebrate American Heart Month – as well as Table to Table’s 25th anniversary – we invite you join us in exploring more than 25 heart-healthy recipes sourced from Serve up some Garlic Roasted Salmon and Brussel Sprouts, rich in omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, for dinner tonight; or pack yourself a Chickpea and Quinoa Buddha Bowl, packed with fiber and antioxidants, for lunch this week. Recipes like this will nourish your heart today and keep you fit and healthy well into the future!

And, if you would like to nourish our community, we welcome your support through our Love NJ. Feed NJ campaign. Now, more than ever, your support can make a difference. Join Table to Table in nourishing our community by putting healthy food into the hands of those who need it most. Visit our website to learn more about our initiatives and how you can contribute. Together, we can build a healthier, more sustainable future, nourishing one heart at a time.


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