Spotlight on Future Philanthropist Henry Maw

Saddle River’s Henry Maw is no ordinary 10-year-old. His fun and entertaining iPad app, MonkeyBerry, is now available on iTunes with 20% of the proceeds being earmarked to benefit his charities of choice. “I decided to give back to charities because I knew it was the right thing to do and when people buy the game 20% of the 99 cents will go to charity. I picked a village for orphans in Rwanda, Africa because my dad works with that charity, and I also picked Table to Table which feeds the hungry because my mom works with them. I feel great about giving back and my whole family does.”

Now, Henry and his family are taking the idea a step further. They’ve developed a website – Apps For Impact – at – to promote app developers and sellers who have a social impact or donate a portion of their sales or profits to social and philanthropic causes.


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