Racing to give back

As the end of the year approaches, we feel gratitude for our own good fortune and are moved to try to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. American generosity dramatically increases in the time period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.  Yet it’s important to note that “giving back” is not restricted to the holiday season, and is something much appreciated and relied upon by every not-for-profit organization all year long.

We are fortunate to have supporters who help the people in need in our communities in extremely creative ways. Whether it’s through a weekly charity night at Biddy O’Malley’s Irish Gastropub, when a portion of an evening’s proceeds is contributed to Table to Table, or a Thanksgiving lunch provided by Sharp to their employees in exchange for a donation to Table to Table, awareness to the problem of local hunger is raised along with much-needed funding.

Examples abound from corporate, business, and school partners, a few of which are highlighted below:

  • Movado holds a “Treat Day” at one of their corporate locations where desserts are provided for employees during an afternoon break. Instead of a purchase, employees are asked to make a donation.
  • “Casual for a Cause” dress-down day is held by World Finer Foods where employees make a donation and receive vouchers allowing them to wear jeans to work for a day.
  • CNBC has a 5K race to raise awareness to the problem of food insecurity in our communities. For each employee participating in the race, CNBC makes a donation to our organization.
  • Five teachers at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School in Tenafly motivated students to participate in Bag-a-Lunch Help-a-Lunch by challenging them with a fundraising goal; if reached, these teachers would sleep in tents in the school parking lot for a night. Not only did the school far surpass their goal, but the students also learned about food insecurity in their communities.

Helping others can be fun, a morale boost and, those who give typically receive back more than their financial investment. Are you or your workplace looking to support a cause or share a particular skill? Reach out! It will be most welcomed, not only during holiday time but anytime during the year. There’s not a non-profit organization around that can survive without its supporters. We know this at Table to Table and are greatly appreciative of the efforts of so many who help us all year long.

Happy Holidays!


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