Casual for a Cause – Over 7,000 meals and counting….

Roughly one in seven people in New Jersey does not have enough food to eat. One in seven! For a company that focuses on bringing foods from around the world to tables across the U.S., this is unacceptable. We recognize that it takes many hands working together to address this issue, here in our home state and across the country. The work that Table to Table does to get fresh, nutritious food to those most in need is vital and we are proud to partner with them.

Fresh and prepared food that isn’t used at restaurants and grocery stores would go to waste if Table to Table didn’t rescue and deliver it to organizations that feed people throughout our region every day. Our business focuses on those familiar products that live in the grocery aisle and in your pantries, so a direct product donation doesn’t fit with their food rescue model, but that didn’t stop us from getting involved.

Among the ways that we partner with Table to Table is through creating World Finer Foods’ “Casual for a Cause” dress-down days. This allows our employees to make a $10 donation to the organization and wear jeans to work. It’s an easy way for employees to contribute, especially if they forgot to pick up the dry cleaning or don’t feel like ironing that day (and really, who ever does?).

In a world where casual dress has become more accepted, but professionalism is still key in the business realm, this program is a perfect fit to do good and be comfortable doing so.  It also is an easy way to build community within our workplace as it’s a visible reminder that we’re working together to feed those in need. The funds go directly to supporting food rescue and hunger relief efforts–and it’s a program that so many employers in our region could easily implement. Our “Casual for a Cause” days contributed over 7,000 meals in the first four-months of our participation in the program.

How else does your favorite pair of jeans result in feeding our community? Only through the work of Table to Table. We’re proud to work with them and hope you’ll do the same.


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