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On Valentine’s Day we celebrate all the love we have in our lives. Make Valentine’s Day extra meaningful this year by choosing a gift that shows your loved one how much you care – AND sends a ripple of love through your community.

Donate in Honor of a Loved One Now!

Create an extraordinary ripple effect of love throughout our community with two easy steps!

Step One:

Feed a Neighbor

Step Two:

Select a Valentine

Are You Ready to Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day?

Romantic weekend getaway or 10,000 meals

Hand-crafted gold braceletor 5,000 meals

French Champagne or 2,500 meals

Bouquet of long-stemmed roses or 1,000 meals

Heart-shaped box of chocolates or 500 meals

Nearly 1 million of our NJ neighbors are food insecure.

Meanwhile, enough food for over 3 billion meals is wasted each year. Table to Table is here to deliver a solution, rescuing fresh, healthy food and ensuring it gets to those who need it most. This year, with your help and in celebration of our 25th anniversary, we’ll rescue and deliver enough food for 25,000,000 meals.

Be part of Love NJ. Feed NJ. by making a gift this Valentine’s Day in honor of your loved one. Every $1 you contribute becomes 10 meals for our neighbors who struggle to put healthy food on the table.


How Your Donation is Helping Our Neighbors


I can feed my family. My husband was working at a gas station, and he was shot while at work in 2020. Since then, he’s been in a nursing home. He cannot speak. He cannot walk. (He is bedridden).


3 kids (7, 18, 22) and 1 grandchild


This food helps a lot because I am not able to work right now because I am pregnant and it is a high-risk pregnancy.


Ages of kids 3,5 and with child

Lives in Newark


I am very grateful for this food. It is a tremendous help to baby and family.


Lives in Newark