Michael Joyce: April Volunteer of the Month

Michael Joyce, Table to Table's April Volunteer of the Month

Join us in congratulating Michael Joyce, Table to Table’s April Volunteer of the Month.

Michael has been volunteering with Table to Table since February of 2023.

“I love volunteering because it affords me the opportunity to provide service to those in need and to show appreciation for all the good things that have come into my life,” Michael said.

Now that you know who the April Volunteer is the Month is, you may be asking yourself: How do I sign up to volunteer? It’s easy!

Julie Kinner, Table to Table’s VP of Operations, gave an overview of how simple it is to become a volunteer, but here’s how in a nutshell. It’s super simple. Just download the Table to Table I-Rescue app on your phone to become a food rescue hero! You’ll complete a simple registration process and volunteer agreement, and then you can get started. The app walks you through every step! 

Since we launched, more than 350 volunteers have completed more than 9,600 rescues and delivered more than 2 million pounds of donated food that would have been thrown away.


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