Message From American Airlines

American Airlines Proudly Supports Table to Table

There are few things that I have owned for 15 years that I truly cherish. Without a doubt, though, supporting Table to Table ranks high on that list. The admirable organization that collects food and delivers it to the hungry is celebrating its 15th anniversary, and I am proud to say that American Airlines has been a champion for the non-profit since day one.

As a global airline, we understand our responsibilities as a global citizen begins in the communities we live and work in. American Airlines proudly participates in a wide range of sponsorship opportunities, and civic and charitable events throughout the Greater New York and New Jersey area.

Our hats off to Table to Table and their commitment to driving social change for a better quality of life for so many. In 15 years, they have taken risks, tried new ideas, formed fruitful partnerships and recruited amazing individuals who have propelled their work even further to change lives. Here’s to them and to those who elevate the world around them. Congratulations.

Joann Camuti
Regional Manager, Sales Promotions & Community Relations, Eastern Division


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