Celebrating the Life & Contributions of Frederick McKinley Jones

In honor of Black History Month, Table to Table, NJ’s first food rescue organization, salutes the many achievements and contributions of African Americans in history. In particular, we shine a light on a gentleman, who—without his genius—Table to Table would not be possible.

Born in 1893, Frederick McKinley Jones grew up to become the inventor of one of the most important inventions to modern agriculture: the refrigerated truck. His interest in mechanics and electricity began as a boy, and later, in 1940, Jones patented his refrigeration system, which allowed perishable foods to be shipped further distances and worldwide. In 1991, Frederick Jones was posthumously awarded the National Medal of Technology, becoming the first African American to receive the honor.

Committed to feeding our hungry neighbours in northern NJ, Table to Table—using a fleet of 6 refrigerated trucks —rescues and delivers healthy, fresh and perishable food from grocery stores, food distributors and restaurants, and in doing so, nourishes the community while helping our environment. Since our inception in 1999, Table to Table has rescued 191,750,000 pounds of food.

We are so grateful for the tireless work of Frederick McKinley Jones!


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