Over 189 million meals served and counting.

Clearway Baptist Church, Newark


“We give food packages to 200-300 folks per week.  What I see changing with the addition of the Table to Table food is the experience that our people have in line.  In the beginning, they were strangers next to strangers.  As time has passed, relationships are forming.  A community is starting to form.  They are helping each other.  They carry food to each other cars, they are asking about family members and sharing stories.  The are creating a new community; moving from proximity to intimacy.  That is powerful. As people come for food, they have found so much more than that.  The cold weather has brought them into the warm church, where we give them food that heals them physically and spiritually.  You are Table to Table, we are people to people.  Thank you from the new community here at Clear Way Baptist.”

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