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Newark Pantry Director


“Table to Table themselves have been such a collaborative, I can’t even begin to explain.  It’s been a friend.  And, let me tell you, it’s been a resource.

When I say a resource, I can tell you that some of these elderly people –

I said to one of them (she’s 97,) I said ‘Mother, why are you laughing’  She said ‘I’ve never, ever had a porterhouse steak!’

If Table to Table wasn’t here, I couldn’t make it.  The survival rate of this pantry would go down tremendously and when I say that, you can’t get the frozen meats and especially, the quality of the frozen meats.  You can’t get the holistic dinners with mashed potatoes, beef and sting beans – you can’t get that.  You can’t get the cooked chickens.

When a parent or family gets burned out (like the house right next door that got burned out) they needed food, but something they could microwave.  You couldn’t get any of that at the food bank, but you could get it from Table to Table.”


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